RouterOS – the beating heart of MikroTik that rewards curiosity and sparks creativity. No matter how many Ethernet ports you have, what CPU you are running.. Even the smallest of routers can achieve greatness with this software. With any MikroTik device, you are getting full features. No paywalls. And now – RouterOS is more powerful than ever, because v7 is finally here!


First things first. What made RouterOS v7 finally possible – the Linux kernel update 5.6. So many new features and hardware support, as well as new network drivers. For example, the highly anticipated WireGuard support became possible. This new Kernel opens many doors for producing new and exciting types of hardware. You can expect really impressive v7-only products soon enough.


RouterOS v7 redefines routing. With a new IPv6 stack and a new routing engine, you can expect the best performance to date.

The new features include:

  • IPv6 Policy routing
  • Separate processes for each routingprotocol
  • Fully functional IPv6 recursive routing
  • ECMP and VRF Support for IPv6. We haveadded proper VRF-lite support. And you can now use interface lists.

And here comes the game-changer. Massive BGP performance boost. Now each BGP peer can be processed by up to 2 cores. One for the input, one for the output. ——– Affinity Control

And if we talk about performance, there is another change that we must mention. Remember how you sometimes needed 10 – 15 minutes for the print command to handle your largest routing tables? Well, in v7 we managed to optimize this process. Seconds, not minutes. That’s right. 10 seconds and you’re good to go.

We have added global routing IDs. When you are running a set of routing protocols in one instance, they will have the same routing ID. Previously, you had to change it separately for OSPF and BGP. But not anymore! Now the ID is located in one place and can be easily modified.